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snstring.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Safe string functions.

Definition in file snstring.h.

#include "extra.h"

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adv_bool sglob (const char *s, const char *glob)
void sncat (char *dst, size_t len, const char *src)
void sncatc (char *dst, size_t len, char src)
void sncatf (char *str, size_t count, const char *fmt,...) __attribute__((format(printf
void sncpy (char *dst, size_t len, const char *src)
void sncpyc (char *dst, size_t len, char src)
void sncpyn (char *dst, size_t len, const char *src, size_t src_len)
void sskip (int *p, const char *s, const char *sep)
void const char * stoken (char *c, int *p, char *s, const char *sep, const char *ignore)

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