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endianrw.h File Reference

Detailed Description


Definition in file endianrw.h.

#include "extra.h"

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Read a value in the Little or Big endian format.

static unsigned be_uint16_read (const void *ptr)
static unsigned be_uint24_read (const void *ptr)
static unsigned be_uint32_read (const void *ptr)
static unsigned be_uint8_read (const void *ptr)
static unsigned cpu_uint16_read (const void *ptr)
static unsigned cpu_uint24_read (const void *ptr)
static unsigned cpu_uint32_read (const void *ptr)
static unsigned cpu_uint8_read (const void *ptr)
static unsigned le_uint16_read (const void *ptr)
static unsigned le_uint24_read (const void *ptr)
static unsigned le_uint32_read (const void *ptr)
static unsigned le_uint8_read (const void *ptr)
Write a value in the Little or Big endian format.

static void be_uint16_write (void *ptr, unsigned v)
static void be_uint24_write (void *ptr, unsigned v)
static void be_uint32_write (void *ptr, unsigned v)
static void be_uint8_write (void *ptr, unsigned v)
static void cpu_uint16_write (void *ptr, unsigned v)
static void cpu_uint24_write (void *ptr, unsigned v)
static void cpu_uint32_write (void *ptr, unsigned v)
static void cpu_uint8_write (void *ptr, unsigned v)
static unsigned cpu_uint_read (const void *ptr, unsigned size)
static void cpu_uint_write (void *ptr, unsigned size, unsigned v)
static void le_uint16_write (void *ptr, unsigned v)
static void le_uint24_write (void *ptr, unsigned v)
static void le_uint32_write (void *ptr, unsigned v)
static void le_uint8_write (void *ptr, unsigned v)
Make a value in the CPU format from a set of nibble. The nibbles are from the value at lower address to the value at higher address. Note that the values are not masked, if the input values are in overflow the output may be wrong.

static unsigned cpu_uint16_make_uint16 (unsigned v0)
static unsigned cpu_uint16_make_uint8 (unsigned v0, unsigned v1)
static unsigned cpu_uint32_make_uint16 (unsigned v0, unsigned v1)
static unsigned cpu_uint32_make_uint32 (unsigned v0)
static unsigned cpu_uint32_make_uint8 (unsigned v0, unsigned v1, unsigned v2, unsigned v3)
static unsigned cpu_uint8_make_uint8 (unsigned v0)

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