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#include "IInOutStreams.h"

namespace NStream {
namespace NWindow {

// m_KeepSizeBefore: how mach BYTEs must be in buffer before m_Pos;
// m_KeepSizeAfter: how mach BYTEs must be in buffer after m_Pos;
// m_KeepSizeReserv: how mach BYTEs must be in buffer for Moving Reserv; 
//                    must be >= aKeepSizeAfter; // test it

class COut
  BYTE  *m_Buffer;
  INT m_Pos;
  INT m_PosLimit;
  INT m_KeepSizeBefore;
  INT m_KeepSizeAfter;
  INT m_KeepSizeReserv;
  INT m_StreamPos;

  INT m_WindowSize;
  INT m_MoveFrom;

  ISequentialOutStream *m_Stream;

  virtual void MoveBlockBackward();
  COut(): m_Buffer(0), m_Stream(0) {}
  virtual ~COut();
  void Create(INT aKeepSizeBefore,
      INT aKeepSizeAfter, INT aKeepSizeReserv = (1<<17));
  void SetWindowSize(INT aWindowSize);

  void Init(ISequentialOutStream *aStream, bool aSolid = false);
  HRESULT Flush();
  INT GetCurPos() const { return m_Pos; }
  const BYTE *GetPointerToCurrentPos() const { return m_Buffer + m_Pos;};

  void CopyBackBlock(INT aDistance, INT aLen)
    if (m_Pos >= m_PosLimit)
    BYTE *p = m_Buffer + m_Pos;
    for(INT i = 0; i < aLen; i++)
      p[i] = p[i - aDistance];
    m_Pos += aLen;

  void PutOneByte(BYTE aByte)
    if (m_Pos >= m_PosLimit)
    m_Buffer[m_Pos++] = aByte;

  BYTE GetOneByte(INT anIndex) const
    return m_Buffer[m_Pos + anIndex];

  BYTE *GetBuffer() const { return m_Buffer; }



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